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Who we are


TransparencyQualityAccuracy and Care: these are the characteristics through which Tosco Intermedia Immobiliare operates.


Founded in 1992 and officially become operational in 1994, the company boasts of the great Tuscan landscape, having been engaged, for over 26 years, in the brokerage and sale of properties. A large flow of customers has ensured the development of this company: there are more than 2,700 real estate transactions to date, in 2020. He has contributed and participated in many real estate rental groups; it has been the intermediary of entire building areas, realizing, on behalf of verified partners, important constructions throughout the national territory.


As a strongly consolidated and continuously growing reality, we offer transparency in communication and negotiation, committing ourselves by under the utmost professionalism, which, right from the start, allowed our company to join the F.I.A.I.P., the Italian Federation of Real Estate Agents, among the excellence in the real estate brokerage sector in Italy and the world.


Having obtained the ISO 9000 QUALITY certification over time, as a company, in fact, we always try to provide the most concrete quality: it is one of the basic concepts that we are committed to guaranteeing our customers with reliable and well-structured service in its skills. Those who rely on us find constant support throughout the brokerage and sale phase since we follow the needs of the customer in an ethically correct manner.


All this takes place with extreme precision, because customer satisfaction is our goal and, therefore, the key points will be requested and followed, which are reconciled with the concepts of transparency and quality previously expressed. In fact, in the relationship with the customer, the company provides total and immediate assistance in each brokerage procedure, which will follow specific and effective steps.


Each of these characteristics converges towards the main goal that our company sets itself, that is the care of the Customer and the assignment that entrusts us: it is in our interest to provide you with a detailed, accurate and safe service so that your investment can acquire ever greater concreteness. Professionalism is our customer care and we appeal to it at every stage of intermediation. Following digital progress and new communication methods, Tosco Intermedia Immobiliare uses state-of-the-art tools, capable of promoting competence and reliability in the project.


The site with the catalogue is at your disposal for your investment. For any information, do not hesitate to contact us.


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